Vegetarian Week

This week in the world we celebrate the culinary diets of Vegetarians.  Whether you’re a dedicated vegetarian, a veggie dabbler, or a committed omnivore, there is no denying the health benefits of vegetarian meals.  It takes much more energy to raise a cow than grow a field of veggies.  For many vegetarian travelers, maintaining a strict vegetarian diet while traveling can sometimes be challenging.  I’m here to tell you that there are many places around the globe where vegetarianism is a commonplace and is encouraged.  Many Buddhist countries you will find that vegetation is the main course.


Below is a list of places around the world that are well known for the vegetarian cuisine.


With 20-40% of Indians estimated to be vegetarian, India is a haven for veggies. Most of the foods you will find in the markets in India are marked with special labels to aid the vegetarian.  The majority of restaurants offer strictly vegetarian food.



Vegetarianism is recognized and vegetarians are well provided for throughout most of central and south Thailand.  Many of the Thai dishes use noodles, rice and vegetables.



Since the mad cow outbreak in early 2000s, England has embraced vegetarianism.  More vegetarian restaurants have been opening up throughout the city of London.  Like India, many of the markets label the products to aid the vegetarian.



Because of the Jewish Kosher Laws Israel is a fairly easy country for vegetarians to find proper fodder.  Add to this the abundance of Mediterranean food such as falafel and hummus, and vegetarians should have no problems finding fitting food.


If you, your family and or friends regularly eat a vegetarian meal I would suggest you try hosting a vegetarian potluck, sampling the various vegetarian meals around the globe.  For those traveling foodies that are vegetarian here is a link that will help you find places to eat all over the globe.

Happy Vegetarian week and be the adventure!

– Damien – The Traveling Foody

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  1. Becky

    I like the links you provide on you blog.

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