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I hope everyone is having a fantastic week so far.  The gang at The Traveling Foody is gearing up to finally start filming this weekend.  We will be filming at the Magnolia and University Farmers Market in Seattle, Wa.  We look forward to sharing our ventures with you via The Traveling Foody Youtube page.

This week is about the leftovers.  I was reading about the report from last week that was produced by the UN food and Agriculture Organism that 1/3 of the food produced for Human consumption is wasted each year.  In the report the organization talks about the different regions and how the waste occurs in each region.  The report also talks about how the regions might be able to solve these issues.  Now I know that some of you might be thinking that reports have some issues with reporting data and other various factors that might not have been accounted for.  I know in my past I have wasted and have seen other countries waste food.  I have seen produce be thrown away due to lack of infrastructure with transporting the food in developing countries.  In North America I have seen markets throw their old produce away due to the rise in prices and people are not willing to pay.  Bottom line is setting up better ways of not wasting.

Now that we got you all thinking and probably a little irate, let’s move on to some cool tips for our leftovers.


  • Seed spices can be planted and grown
  • Seeds from your potatoes, peppers, apples, onions and various fruits and vegetables can be planets and grown.
  • Fresh herbs and spices and be planted and grown after seeding.

Leftover meals:

  • Leftover backed potatoes can be used with garlic and onion for some yummy hash browns.
  • Leftover beef, vegetable and chicken broth can be frozen and used later on.
  • Leftover pasta and rice can be used with your leftover broths for a quick meal.
  • Stale breads can be used with oil and garlic baking at 400 degrees until brown to make yummy croutons.
  • “If you have any” leftover bacon you can use it for soups, beans, salads and much more.
  • I Ziploc and freeze many items from my garden for the winter months.
  • Canning is a wonderful way to preserve your food.

There are many options for preserving and utilizing leftover food that is both fun and exciting to do.  These are just a few tips to think about.

Remember that we should always be exploring Earths great paradise.

-Damien – The Traveling Foody.

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